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Not Quite So Hellish

Title: Not Quite So Hellish
Author: slybrarian
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sheppard/Mitchell/(Lorne)
Words: 635
Series: Discontinuity, a prequel of sorts
Notes: This plays off a scene in "Discontiunity" but reading that is not required in any way. Doing so will, however, make me happy.

Summary: A scene from Lorne's Road Trip From Hell, set shortly after the Evil Chili-Bear Incident.

ETA: NC-17 version now over yonder: One Night in Yosemite

A bear.

Evan couldn't quite believe that his promising Air Force career - not to mention his promising life - had nearly been cut short by a ravenous bear with a taste for chili. He supposed he shouldn't have been too surprised, however, because it seemed to fit right in with the rest of his life ever since he had met Sheppard and Mitchell. Sure, they were fun guys to be around, and it was nice to have someone to talk to who understood the restrictions he had to live with, but all sorts of weird shit happened around them. Evan really should have just stayed at home and learned to knit or something instead of going on a road trip with them. Thus far he had nearly drowned while trying to learn to surf, almost been glittered to death in a club, and now his pants had been eaten by a ravenous grizzly bear. Who knew what might happen next?

Actually, given the rustles and low, amused, and aroused murmurs coming from the other side of the tent, Evan was pretty sure he knew what was coming next. It would involve him laying there while Sheppard and Mitchell screwed, trying to be quiet in order not to wake Evan but probably failing miserably. Evan didn't begrudge them a chance to enjoy themselves, nor did he mind the fresh supply of jerk-off material he'd get, but sometimes it did get a bit annoying and he wished that they would take it outside.

Then again, given that outside was full of marauding bears, he couldn't blame them for staying in the tent.

Evan sighed softly. The rustling stopped for a moment, then there was a minute of soft whispering that Evan couldn't quite make out. He started when a hand clasped his. Evan opened his eyes to see the other two men looking at him. Mitchell was laying atop Sheppard, arm outstretched toward Evan, and both of them had lost their underwear; only the way they were pressed together kept Evan from getting an eyeful. Mitchell was smiling at Evan, warm and welcoming; Sheppard had a wild grin and a challenging glint in his eyes.

"We can stop if you'd like," Mitchell said softly. "Or you could join in."

Sheppard chuckled deeply and added, "Or you can watch, if that's what you're in to."

Evan considered his options. Asking them to stop seemed a bit rude, given that this was their trip and they had brought him along when they didn't have to. Watching... now that was tempting. Who wouldn't mind a private viewing of the Mitchell and Sheppard show? Joining was more complicated. On the one hand, having sex with two guys as hot as them was tempting, because it had been a pretty long time since he had gotten any at all. Mitchell had been sure to impress on him just how important discretion was, and Evan wasn't given to anonymously fucking around anyways. On the other hand, Evan wasn't sure he wanted to get involved with them. He could see they had something special and didn't want to wreck it, something he had seen more than once in this sort of situation. On the gripping hand, maybe their relationship was stable enough that adding in a friend once and a while was just some safe fun. Mitchell wouldn't offer if he didn't think it would work. Sheppard might do it without thinking about consequences, sure; but for all that Mitchell shared Sheppard's daredevil attitude at times he was still pretty damned careful when it counted.

Also, it might, just might make up for the entire bear thing.

It only took Evan a few seconds to come to a decision; then he was pulling off his briefs and scooting his sleeping bag over next to Sheppard's. He kissed first Mitchell then Sheppard, brief and gentle but with a promise of more to come.

"Sure," he said, "joining in sounds like fun."
Tags: sheppard/mitchell/lorne

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