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In the Early Hours (Lorne/Zelenka)

For gblvr to follow this.

In the Early Hours
237 words
(PS: omglawdork was kind enough to look over this for me.)

In the Early Hours

"I have baby vomit on my shirt," Radek said, picking at the shoulder of his blue pullover.

"You could just take it off," Evan suggested. He smiled charmingly, which only made Radek glare harder.

"You will be washing it for volunteering me for such indignities," Radek said, which reassured Evan that he was overplaying his displeasure. There were some people on Atlantis who would be serious about such verbiage, but Radek wasn't one of them.

"I could do that," Evan said, wandering up behind Radek, who had begun attacking the stain with a damp cloth. He slipped his hands under the hem of Radek's shirt, skimming from the small of his back around to his stomach. "Take it off," he said again, pressing an open-mouthed kiss against Radek's temple and dragging his hands upward, bringing the soiled shirt with them. "And I'll wash it and you, if you want."

Radek paused, breath hitching in his chest under Evan's fingertips. "I do happen to smell like sour milk and bile," he said wryly. "I would not object to a bath."

"I think," Evan said, leaning back to drag the shirt over Radek's head, "we can do something about that." Then he leaned in, enjoying the heat of Radek's bare chest and the slightly too-sweet smell leftover from his shirt, and pressed his lips against the mouth that had sung Czech lullabies long into the night.
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