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After Midnight (Ronon/John, R)

After Midnight
Author: telesilla
Pairing: Ronon/John
Rating: R
Word Count: 575
Disclaimer: The SGA characters do not belong to me. Duh.
Summary: Normally, Ronon's such a quiet sleeper.

Notes: For less_star who asked for "Ronon/John, sleepy" for the first kiss meme. Thanks to Darkrose for looking this over for me.

John was sound asleep when something smacked him across the face. "Mmmmph!" he said as he blinked his way to consciousness.

There it was again...something thumping against his head....

The things hitting him in the face, he realized as he woke up a little further, were Ronon's dreadlocks. They were sharing a bed on M39-482 and that was why John hadn't snapped awake the way he would have if they were in danger.

"I'm in fucking danger from your damn hair," he muttered.

Ronon mumbled something indistinct and rolled over again, which was weird because Ronon was one of the quietest, most motionless sleepers John had ever known. It was the reason John tended to choose Ronon as a sleeping partner if they had to share beds off world.

Or at least that was his stated reason.

Still mumbling, Ronon rolled over again.

"Hey," John said quietly. "Hey buddy...." He reached out and put a hand on Ronon's shoulder, a move that proved to be a mistake when Ronon snarled something, rolled over and pinned John to the bed.

"Hey!" John said, much louder this time. "Ronon!"

"Huh?" In the dim light of the candle on the nightstand, John could seen Ronon blinking down at him. "Whuzzat?"

He didn't let John go and John made the mistake of trying to push him away. Ronon pushed back, and it was one thing to be pinned under him in the gym and quite another to be held down in bed.

"Get off me," he said, hoping like hell Ronon would obey before he noticed....

"You sure?" Ronon asked, sounding much more awake. Using his weight to keep John in place, he reached down and grabbed one of John's wrists, pulling it up above John's head and pinning it there.



John's other wrist was quickly pinned above his head and really there was absolutely no way that Ronon could miss how hard John was.

"Off," John said and winced at how unconvincing he was.

"You sure about that?" Ronon said, nudging John's legs open.

"I...uh...." John bucked up and maybe someone really stupid might have thought he was still trying to get Ronon to let him go.

Fortunately, Ronon was anything but stupid. "You want something?"

John took a deep breath. He really should tell Ronon that this couldn't happen and maybe if it weren't night, if they weren't settled into a nice big bed with blankets and a fire keeping them warm while the snow came down outside, John might have had the strength to do so.

"Kiss me?"

Ronon held his head just out of reach as John leaned up. "Is that an order?"

Another deep breath and then John let go. "No," he said. "But I'll beg if you want me to."

Ronon's mouth came down on his and holy fuck but he knew how to use it. John hdn't been this thoroughly kissed in...well, he thought as Ronon's mouth took him apart, maybe never.

By the time Ronon lifted his head again, John's lips were hot and swollen and he was moaning shamelessly.

"Maybe later," Ronon said, his free hand sliding up into John's hair. He gripped it tightly, tugging hard. It hurt in just the right way and John moaned and bucked up again.

"Later?" he asked, surprised that he could still get a recognizable word out.

"Maybe later," Ronon said again, bending his head down toward John for another kiss. "I'll make you beg."

Tags: sheppard/dex

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