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Ficlet: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Title: A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Author: Rubygirl29
Pairings: John/Ronon
Rating: PG13

Summary: The title says it all ...

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Darkness was a friend. Walking the gangways of Atlantis, Sheppard and Ronon were patrolling the city, keeping their people safe. Ronon moved silently, keeping his paces even with John’s. Their shoulders brushed, their hands touched lightly. John took a deep breath, scenting Ronon’s soap, sweat, and leather. He was hyper-aware of the dark undertone of masculine sex and musk. Two more circuits and they would be off-duty. He increased his pace, willing the time to pass as quickly.

He was not a patient man. But as Ronon matched his steps, he sensed the same physical awareness, the same need that coursed through him. It crackled around them; power and sex and blood, like a nimbus of lightning.

They passed the checkpoint where Lorne and Stackhouse were waiting. “0100, and all’s well,” Sheppard said with a smile. Ronon was standing behind him, looming patiently. “She’s all yours, Major.”

“Yes, sir.” Lorne grinned. “I’ll take good care of her.” He and Stackhouse ambled off on their patrol.

“I thought they’d never leave,” John whispered. He waited until they were out of sight, before he pushed an unresisting Ronon into a shadowy alcove off the balcony. He pressed his hands against Ronon’s firm chest, fingers splayed and palms flat; muscle and bone and heartbeat beneath them.

Ronon pulled John close, his fingers spanning the narrow width of his back, thumbs caressing the sharp blades of his shoulders. He bent his head and John tilted his up, bringing their lips together.

It was just a kiss. Lips, tongues, breath, all tangled and mingling. Sweetness and fire. Ronon tasted like spice and coffee. John wanted more than a kiss, because with Ronon, a kiss was never just a kiss ... it was sex and a vow. John smiled, felt Ronon’s mouth curve against his. He took a breath. “A drink on the pier, or ...?”

“No drinks. Just you,” Ronon said, leaning in to nibble on John’s mouth; small, seductive nips with teeth and lips. “Only you,” he whispered.

John slid his hands down the rake of Ronon’s ribs. “You’ve got that, and more,” he answered. “Kiss me again.”

Ronon did. In the shadows, in the night, where silence was a secret and a kiss was just a kiss -- Except when it wasn’t.

The End
Tags: sheppard/dex

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